Millesis Active Eye Light (liquid concealer) 102

€25,00 €34,00

Millesis Active Eye Light effectively reduces the signs of aging and helps to minimize the appearance of dark circles. Millesis premium formula strengthens the skin and at the same time works as a color corrector which will help to achieve a luminous and healthy appearance.    

The unique and innovative ingredient Millesis strengthens the skin barrier and its resistance. It stimulates the skins own collagen production and lightens the area around the eyes. The combination of rice-rose oil, together with arnica-extract, activates the skin’s circulation with its antioxidant properties.

✓ Anti-aging properties
✓ Free from parabens and perfume
✓ Cruelty-free
✓ 100% Vegan



Start with less and apply more as you go. Use a brush or your finger tips to blend the product into the skin. To correct dark rings under the eyes Active Eye Light should be applied in a triangle as well in the corner of the eye. It is also perfect for using as a highlight and should then be applied on other parts of the face, for example nasal bridge, cheekbone and chin.